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About Traction Tires

TRACTION TIRES is a well-known and constantly emerging company in the field of wholesale trade.
It specializes in the representation and exploitation of imported products of exceptional specifications, for the “aftermarket” purchases of cars and trucks – buses, with a sales network throughout Greece and exports to various countries in the Balkans and Europe.

TRACTION TIRES cooperates with the big German tire company Continental A.G, and represents in Greece two of the most famous tire brands of the Continental – group, Matador, also known as Continental Matador Rubber S.R.O. and Gislaved from Sweden, which offers High-Tech Swedish tires for the most demanding drivers.

The company provides a wide range of summer and winter tires with a wide range of dimensions for all types of passenger cars, SUV – 4 × 4, light trucks and trucks – buses.

TRACTION TIRES also has the exclusive representation for alloy wheels, some of the most well-known and leading manufacturers, for the <aftermarket> car market, in Euphrates and Asia. More specifically, it represents well-known brands such as Kosei (made in Japan), Alutec (made in Germany), Rial (made in Germany), and AVAWHEELS (made in Taiwan).

The alloy wheels represented by TRACTION TIRES, are available for the entire Greek market but even for exports to various countries in the Balkans and Europe.

Finally, the company is available for new business partnerships aimed at its healthy growth and prosperity.

Traction Tires

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